Terry F. Bott, Ph.D. (

Dr. Bott is the Vice President of Logic Evolved Technologies, Inc. He has a B.A. in physics from the University of Utah and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Brigham Young University. He did his doctoral research on fast reactor disassembly calculations. Following graduation, Dr. Bott’s research was in the areas of nuclear reactor safety and risk assessment at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and nuclear reactor thermal-hydraulics code development at Los Alamos. Recently, Dr. Bott has been involved in design and safety studies for nuclear weapons and other systems. His principal research interests are in the use of formal logic models in decision analysis and knowledge representation.

Stephen W. Eisenhawer, Ph.D., P.E. (

Dr. Eisenhawer is the President of Logic Evolved Technologies, Inc. He was a technical staff member for 22 years at Los Alamos National Laboratory where he was a co-recipient of two Distinguished Performer Awards for his work in risk analysis. Previously he was Vice President of Systems Engineering at Enhanced Energy Systems, Inc and a member of the technical staff at Sandia National Laboratories. His technical training is in engineering; he received his B.S. (Summa cum Laude) in Mechanical Engineering at Seattle University in 1972, his M.S. in Nuclear Engineering at the University of Washington in 1974 and his Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering at the University of Washington in 1977, following doctoral research at the Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe in Germany. He is a Registered Professional Engineer, a member of Tau Beta Pi, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and is the co-holder of two patents.

John R. Foggia, M.S. (

Mr. Foggia is the Secretary and Treasurer of Logic Evolved Technologies, Inc. He has developed Concepts of Operation for NASA’s Aviation Security technology programs as an independent Aviation Engineering contractor for the Langley Research Center. He has performed independent consulting work for Los Alamos National Laboratory as an Aviation Expert, developing aircraft-attack scenarios and LED analysis for aviation security threats. From 1997 to early 2003, Mr. Foggia was President and Chief Pilot of Aviation, Navigation, and Satellite Programs, Inc. (ANSP), directing a company specializing in integrating leading-edge aviation technologies into National Air Space modernization—including test flight for NASA. From 1990 to 1997, Mr. Foggia was an Airport Manager at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport. He served as an active-duty Air Force pilot, flying fighter aircraft in the 1980s, including A-10s and F-5Bs, and also as an Air Force meteorologist, managing numerous USAF radar and satellite system test and evaluation programs. Mr. Foggia holds an M.S. in atmospheric physics from Texas A&M University and a B.S. in mathematics from Northern Arizona University and was an MIT Research Scientist in the Fluid Dynamics Engineering doctoral program.