About us
Logic Evolved Technologies was founded in 2006 to leverage research at Los Alamos National Laboratory in systems, risk and decision science over two decades by two of the co-founders of LETech -- Drs. Terry F. Bott and Stephen W. Eisenhawer. That research resulted in an integrated approach to decision making called Logic Evolved Decision analysis -- LED.

Advanced Methods

The LED framework is based upon three key ideas-- 
  • Decomposition of the decision process into concise, discrete, easily managed steps.
  • Use of formal logic structures to model each step in the process and to provide a seamless linkage across the steps.
  • Flexible procedures to characterize uncertainty and adapt to changing data environments.

The LED methodology allows analysts to build better decision models in less time. An LED model provides traceable, consistent and defensible results so decision makers can make better-informed choices.

LED answers the following questions –

  • What are my alternatives?
  • What metric should I use to rank order these alternatives?
  • How do I infer my chosen metric?
  • What procedures let me produce consistent rankings?
  • How do I convey the uncertainty in the rankings?

Logic gate models and advanced inferential techniques ensure that as the decision environment changes the decision model evolves with it.  more