Logic Evolved Technologies specializes  in the analysis of complex technological systems. Our experience includes systems analysis,  risk analysis, cost-benefit analysis and developing Concepts of Operations for alternative approaches to innovative systems designs.

Logic Evolved Technologies employs unique analytical capabilities to take a preliminary concept or a set of high level requirements, develop a systems model of a set of alternative technological approaches and evaluate the cost/risk/performance trade-offs inherent in the alternative approaches.

We have considerable experience in identifying needs and translating those needs into preliminary design concepts of alternative realizations of technological systems that support the identified needs.

Logic Evolved Technologies’ services include:

  • Using logic models for systematically identifying organizational goals and the requirements that support those goals 
  • Development of systems models of alternative technological approaches to accomplishing goals and meeting requirements.
  • Evaluating alternative technological approaches to determine resource allocation and prioritization of efforts.
  • Ranking alternative technological approaches according to risk, cost, benefit, utility or other metrics.